Scientific ink slinger for hire – enquire within

The scientific writing process. Image Credit: David Plunkert

The scientific writing process. Image Credit: David Plunkert

As of April 1st, I have cut loose from the ties of salaried employment and dived into the exciting world of freelance writing. Crazy, I know. Since it’s only been a day, I’m not going to tell you about the experience so far. This is, in fact, a publicity exercise. 

First, let me tell you that I am super excited about this change in my career. I love science, and I love being involved in science in South Africa, but being a researcher in a lab did nothing for that enthusiasm. I have huge respect for career researchers (please please keep up the good work), but it didn’t suit me, and the time came for a change. For years I have been communicating science informally to, almost literally, anyone who would listen. Now I get to do that and get paid. I hope.

So… If you work in the sciences, in health, in tech, in innovation, in the green economy, I want to hear about it! Especially if you have a good story. Call me up for if you want some publicity for your science, your company or yourself (it might even be free). If you need editing or proofreading of any kind of scientific writing, I’m your guy. Or even if you just want to shoot the shit about the crazy and cool stuff that is going on all over the world, every day, I’m game. I especially like good news stories, local science and innovation, and social entrepreneurship.

I will be setting up an online portal for myself and my work in the next few weeks, and I’ll migrate the blog once that is up and running. I’ll keep posting published work here, and the blogging will continue as it has for the last year. I will also be doing some admin for local science blog SciBraai, so if you haven’t had a look there, I suggest you do so RIGHT NOW. It’s pretty great. For what it’s worth, I’ll be honing my blogging skills and learning some programming in the next few months. I may even dabble in some data journalism too.

I don’t usually do this, but I am going to ask just this one time: PLEASE share this with your networks, especially if you are working in science or a related field, and especially in you live in SA. Freelancing can be tenuous work, and with a little luck, the sharing will channel some exciting stuff my way. Thanks for reading.

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