Moving Past Silicon, Biometric Passwords, and Molecular Delivery Trucks


This week we’re back to weird and wonderful innovations in health, nanotechnology and computing. Continue reading

Innovating in Space


Concept art illustrating an orbiting service craft repairing a satellite. Credit: NASA

This week I’ve chosen to diverge slightly from the usual health and sustainability stuff to talk about SPACE. I’ve always been an avid science fiction fan, so it’s exciting to see some really out-there ideas coming closer to reality. Continue reading

The Genetic Consequences of Happiness



Researchers have linked happiness to changes in gene expression, with major consequences for human health and lifestyle.

For years, it has been suggested that happiness may have an effect on our overall health. Now I’m sure that at this point, many of you are murmuring “hippy bullshit” to yourselves. But I ask you to suspend you disbelief for just a moment. Continue reading